Our Beers

  • Pumpkin Ale   ABV 7.7%    IBU 20
  • German Alt  ABV 5.6%   IBU 16
  • Brewer's Choice   ABV 5%    IBU 22.
  • Baltic Porter:  ABV 7%    IBU 22
  • Blonde Ale  ABV 4.2    IBU 18
    This Light bodied ale is perfect choice for every occasion. Just the right amount of malt and hops make this an infinitely sessionable brew.
    Recommended Pairings: Seafood Pasta, Croquet Monsieur
  • Pecan Brown Ale  ABV 5.2    IBU 22
    One of the house favorites.  This light bodied brown ale features in-house roasted pecans, a slightly sweet finish and incredible drink-ability. We are sure you will go nuts for it.
    Recommended Pairings: Stuffed Pork Chop, Roasted Turkey Sandwich
  • California Common Rye  ABV 5.2    IBU 25    *Silver Medal WInner - Rye Beers - 2015 US Open Beer Championship
    This Truly American beer, often referred to as a “steam beer,” features the sharpness of rye with the maltiness of barley to create a complex yet smooth beer.
    Recommended Pairings: Any of our CAB Steaks, Ruben Sandwich
  • Two Hop IPA  ABV 7.2    IBU 70
    This West Coast style India Pale Ale features Legacy and Cascade hops. Dry, floral hop notes upfront with a clean citrus finish.  
    Recommended Pairings: Creole Pasta, Redbird Sandwich
  • Dunkelweizen   ABV 5.3    IBU 20
  • Belgian Triple  ABV 9    IBU 19
    A traditional German offering.  The yeast forward beer offers a heavier malted balance than our beloved Hefeweizen without losing any of its refreshing character.
  • Agnew IPA   ABV 4.1%   IBU 50
  • White IPA   ABV 5%    IBU 50
  • German Pilsner   ABV 5.5%   IBU 30
  • Saison   ABV 7.2%    IBU 25
  • Salted Caramel Pecan Brown Ale   ABV 6%    IBU 20



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