Butcher's Corner


Our goal is to serve the highest marbled and the most flavorful beef.  To achieve this we only use the top 8% of USDA Certified Beef---the top 1/3 of choice and all of prime. We make sure our steak have abundance of marbling. Here at 4204, we hand cut our steaks in house each day to ensure each steak meets the highest standards for you, our guest.


Aging beef is an art in itself.  We have found that aging

minimum of 45 days brings out the maximum flavor and tenderness.   Aging allows beef to naturally break down verses using a chemical tenderizer or a marinade. This is why we love having our very own butcher shop as a show piece in our restaurant for you to see what we do to give you the best possible product.


We believe in using quality beef. The Midwest has an iconic reputation for producing well-marbled, flavorful beef. This is because of our farming heritage, and it stems from our ideal set of natural resources---deep rich topsoil, temperate climate, and plentiful rainfall.  These are the perfect conditions for family farms, fields of corn, and herds of cattle to thrive.  Everything you need for flavorful and tender beef.  We use the best so you can enjoy the best.

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