The Brewers


Mike Sebelski



Mike has brewed the gamet from Chicago where he studied brewing science to true farmhouse brewing outside of St. Genevieve. He now pilots our Audi TT style brewhouse and constantly trying to improve quality and innovation. He enjoys a warm flannel, a good brown ale, and a great personality. Back off girls he's married, or is he?



Hannah Austin

Packaging Ninja


Hannah Austin is a Brewer, Cellarman, Packager, or whatever role she is needed in that day. She is an avid homebrewer and started her journey into craft beer four years ago after moving to the St. Louis area from Central Illinois. Hannah joined the 4204 team in the Spring of 2018 as a keg washer and has climbed the ladder towards the brew deck with a little hard work and a lot of passion for all things beer. She now lives in O'Fallon, IL where she enjoys relaxing with her two cats, teaching colorguard, and attending every beer festival she can in her free time.



Zach Dahm

Warehouse Operations and Packaging Manager


Zach who is often referred to as the "Dahminater" almost is never seen

sitting still. He has as much energy as a stick of dynamite. He commands

the canning line like an orchestra conductor and can load a truck blindfolded. His favorite beer is served in a 32 oz stein.

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